In order to learn optimally, it is important that the children are as healthy as possible. read more

Access to care

Due to their varied disabilities, the students require special care and attention. We offer as much support as possible in the form of staff, medical aids (prostheses, orthoses, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.) and financial contributions for medical treatments.

With your donations, our foundation has been able to employ four house-mothers/ fathers, a physiotherapist, two orthopaedic technicians and a counsellor.

Mobility centre

In countries like Kenya, orthopaedic aids are unaffordable to most people and were largely inaccessible to our students. The available prostheses were of extremely poor quality and exorbitantly expensive. With the help of Gijs van Gent, and orthopaedic technicians, we were able to set up a mobility centre at the school to tackle these problems. Gijs goes to Kenya for a month every year to provide the local orthopaedic technicians with extra knowledge in the Mobility Centre and to help process the prostheses and orthoses sent in a container. The prostheses and orthoses collected in Europe are given a second life here at the school under expert guidance.


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